Field Days

The point of demonstrations like the “200-12” and the “3-4-5” is to interact with growers about one of the most important factors in the success of their business. The two objectives of these interactions are: to communicate the information about the best practices being demonstrated, but possibly more importantly, to listen to what producers are seeing on their farms and hearing about the creative ways they are solving problems.

They are motivated to get the most out of every drop of water they apply because it’s good business and it’s good stewardship. Because of that there is no better resource for the next big idea than these progressive farmers.

To create the environment for exchange, the District believes in presenting our own Field Days and producer meetings to discuss our demonstrations, and in participating in other meetings to stay involved in the conversation. We believe that two-way communication creates the most fertile environment for world changing ideas. Check back here for information about upcoming District Field Days, as well as other important meetings relating to ag and water.