Seeking Credit Analyst for Loan Program

Contact: Kirk Welch, or 806-935-6401

The Texas Water Development Board (“TWDB”) has developed an agricultural loan program to assist Texas groundwater conservation districts, such as the North Plains Groundwater Conservation District “(North Plains GCD”), to make “conservation loans” to irrigation farmers within the groundwater conservation district.  TWDB provides funding for the conservation loans through a TWDB loan, at a very low interest rate to the groundwater conservation district.  The district then provides and administers loans to financially qualified farmers for conservation practices such as new, and more efficient irrigation equipment, or to update an existing pivot sprinkler system with new nozzles or similar improvements.

North Plains GCD has filed an application with the TWDB to participate in the TWDB conservation loan program.  In order for North Plains GCD to develop its own conservation loan program, it will need to engage the talents and expertise of a loan review specialist/credit analyst.  It is anticipated that these services for North Plains GCD will be provided on an as-needed basis.  The primary responsibility of the loan review specialist/credit analyst will be to review and analyze the loan documents of each North Plains GCD loan applicant and recommend either approval or denial of the application to the North Plains GCD Board of Directors.

This is notice of North Plains GCD’s Request for Qualifications for a person to fulfill its loan review specialist/credit analyst position.  To be considered, applicants must have at least five (5) years of agricultural lending experience, preferably in irrigation agriculture.  The prospective loan reviewer must have the expertise to analyze credit reports, income statements, federal income tax returns, balance sheets and financial statements, and conduct lien analysis and priorities.  The prospective loan reviewer must have experience and knowledge regarding customary lending instruments such as: promissory notes, financing statements, security agreements, loan agreements, and deeds of trust. The district has been awarded $1,000,000 for this program and anticipates offering approximately 10-20 loans.

If you are interested in serving North Plains Groundwater Conservation District as its loan review specialist/credit analyst, please send your qualifications and a cost estimate (per application) by 5pm on Tuesday, October 8th, to Steve Walthour, North Plains GCD General Manager at P.O. Box 795, Dumas, TX 79029, by e-mail at, or hand-deliver to the North Plains GCD office at 603 E. 1st Street in Dumas.

Please direct any questions about the loan program or credit analyst position to Kirk Welch, Assistant General Manager – Conservation Outreach at or 806-935-6401.