Free Classroom Presentations

To help schools meet educational standards and expand students’ natural resource knowledge, the district is happy to offer three unique educational presentations to classes within the North Plains GCD boundaries:

Students participate in a Soil Sleuth Lab activity by measuring the water filtered through sand to see how porous the material is.

  • Soil Sleuth Lab (Grades 3-8) Learn about the properties of soils and how they are formed. Students will participate in a hands-on investigation to observe how water moves through different soils, and then discuss the real-world implications of a soil’s water retention or drainage. This activity requires 45-75 minutes, less than 30 students at a time, and the classroom must have tables and chairs for all students.
  • EnviroScape Adventure (Grades K-8) Explore the water resources of a realistic model town and learn how the water cycle and watersheds can be impacted by human activities. Please keep in mind that a short version of this activity is presented at the 4th grade water festivals each year. This activity requires 30-45 minutes, less than 30 students at a time, and the classroom must have large table for presentation setup and space for students to gather around.
  • Friends of the Farm (Grades K-8) What did you wear, eat, and do today? Discover all the ways that local agriculture impacts your life, and see how farmers use and save water. This presentation requires 30-60 minutes and can be delivered to 30 students at a time.


To book an in-class presentation, please call Krista Hopkins at 806-930-6934 or e-mail with your proposed date (at least 2-3 weeks notice preferred), number of classes, grade level, and the presentation requested. Due to staff availability, presentation dates are limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis.

EnviroScape Adventure teaches about watersheds and how important it is to minimize our pollution footprint.