New Hydrology Report

Media Contact: Julia Stanford, or 806-935-6401

Every year, a Hydrology & Groundwater Resources report is published by the North Plains Groundwater Conservation district. Findings and a final copy of the 2018 report were presented to the board of directors at the July board meeting. The report contains information about the district’s history, annual groundwater pumping, water quality, water level declines, aquifer recharge, and more. There are also three sections of maps depicting the declines, the depth to water and the amount of saturated aquifer remaining for each of the counties in the district. It is important to remember that individual properties can and do vary significantly from the regional and county averages presented in the report.

The Hydrology & Groundwater Resources report is available at and copies are available in the district office at 603 E. 1st Street in Dumas.