Summer Showers

Did you participate in Operation: Summer Showers by taking a water conservation kit home? Tell us how your kits have improved your conservation efforts, and if there’s something we can do to improve your water conservation needs by taking our survey below.

Summer Showers Survey

While summer time is time for vacations and fun, it also usually means record temperatures, limited rainfall, and peak water demands for the cities of the northern Panhandle. In order to help cities conserve water during this difficult time, the cities and the district have combined efforts with local media outlets to present Operation: Summer Showers. Operation: Summer Showers is a program to provide residents with conservation tools and information to show them how they can save water in their everyday lives.

Operation: Summer Showers is intended to address water conservation issues related to lack of showers outdoors and the high percentage of water used for showering and other household uses. Lawn watering is the number one domestic use in the summer, while showering, laundry, and other uses indoors account for most of the domestic water use year-round.

Each Operation: Summer Showers kit includes:

  • Low Flower and Head
  • Rain/Sprinkler Gauge
  • Faucet Drip Gauge
  • Leak Detector tablets

The free water-saving tools are available during the event at locations throughout the District including the North Plains Groundwater Conservation District Office at 603 E 1st Street in Dumas and at City Hall in Booker, Spearman, Stinnett, Stratford, Dumas, Dalhart and Perryton.

For more information on Operation: Summer Showers call the district office at 806-935-6401, or email