Permit Information

All wells in the District must be registered or have a test hole permit or well permit issued by the District. No water well drilling can begin until the proper documentation and applicable fees have been accepted and approved by the District.

Exempt Wells:

  • Rig supply wells and domestic or livestock wells incapable of producing less than5 GPM.
  • They are required to be registered, but are exempt from permitting, Well spacing and metering rules.
    Exempt Well Request

All other wells or any wells that will be re-worked to produce more that the permitted or registered amount must request a Well Construction Permit and/or Test Hole Permit.
Well Construction Permit Request 
Test Hole Permit Request


  • $500 for Well Permits
  • $100 for Test Hole Permits

Once a permit is signed and all fees paid, the District can usually approve and complete the permits within 7 business days.

Permit Expirations:

  • Well Permits valid for 150 days
  • Test Hole Permits valid for 60 days

Anyone requesting a permit must either be the owner of the groundwater rights or the owners authorized agent. An agent authorization form must be completed, signed in front of a notary and on file in the District office.
Agent Authorization Form

Do you have questions? Our staff members here at the District would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. For more information, please call our office at 806-935-6401.