History of the NPGCD

A Proud History of Preserving our water resources since 1949 

The Texas State Legislature in 1949 authorized the creation of groundwater conservation districts to perform certain prescribed duties and functions in addition to holding specific powers as set forth in Article 7880-3c, Texas Civil Statutes. The authorization was later moved to Chapter 52 of the Texas Water Code, then to Chapter 36 of the Texas Water Code.

History of the NPGCD

A confirmation election was held in 1955 and the vote to create a groundwater conservation district dedicated to protecting and conserving groundwater resources north of the Canadian River was affirmed. Sherman County, Hansford County, Ochiltree County, and the area north of the Canadian River in Hartley County, Moore County, and Hutchinson County comprised the original area of the District. In 1973 the people of Lipscomb County voted to annex into the District and in 1993 and 2004 portions of Dallam County were annexed into the District. More Dallam County properties were annexed by landowner petitions from 2004 until July 2012 when the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality ordered the remaining properties in Dallam County to join the District.


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