Who We Are and What We Do

Maintaining our way of life through conservation, protection and preservation of our groundwater resources

North Plains Groundwater Conservation District - Who We Are

The North Plains Groundwater Conservation District is charged with conserving, protecting and preserving the Ogallala aquifer and other water resources in the northern Texas Panhandle. The main District office is located in the city of Dumas, Texas, in Moore County. The Texas Panhandle is arid to sub-arid in climate with few surface water resources. For a large majority of the area, the only water supply is from the groundwater resources of the Ogallala aquifer. The Ogallala aquifer contains vast amounts of groundwater, but with little to no recharge and over 10,000 large active wells within this District alone, it is a finite and dwindling resource. Management of the Ogallala aquifer was and is recognized as a priority thus groundwater conservation districts were created by the Texas State Legislature to address groundwater management.

If you are interested in learning more please contact our office at 806-935-6401 or e-mail us at info@northplainsgcd.org