Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities at the North Plains Groundwater Conservation District

The North Plains Groundwater Conservation District located in Dumas, Texas, is charged with conserving, protecting and preserving the Ogallala aquifer and other groundwater resources here in the northern Texas Panhandle. Through our board-implemented water conservation rules, educational programs and District-provided field services, we hope to better serve the stakeholders of the District.

General Manager

North Plains Groundwater Conservation spans all or part of eight counties in the northern Texas Panhandle and is recognized nationally as a leader in innovative agricultural water conservation education programs.  The district is seeking a General Manager to provide the vision, leadership and management of the district’s professional staff that support the district’s mission and core values.   As general manager, your primary responsibility includes advising the board on new and emerging policy issues, and responsible for managing all district operations safely to achieve the board policies,  mission, regulatory mandates, and partnerships.  This position serves as the district’s public face in developing effective and positive working relationships with other districts, stakeholders, elected officials, agency representatives, advisory committees, national associations, education institutions, and special interest groups to advance water conservation policy and groundwater science.  The general manager is the chief financial officer and is responsible for recommending an annual budget for board consideration and is responsible for budget performance and financial compliance. 

A more detailed job description and employee office manual can be found at the following link. A copy of the district employee manual can be found here.

Resumes can be sent by email to: klane@northplainsgcd.org

Resumes can also be sent by mail to:      Attention Kristen Blackwell
                                                                       PO Box 795
                                                                       Dumas TX 79029

Any questions about the position can be directed to Steve Walthour at (806) 922-7402

Resumes will be accepted until July 1, 2023

If you see a position open that interests you, please fill out our Employment Application Form and send it to klane@northplainsgcd.org.

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