Virtual Field Day

Welcome to the North Plains Groundwater Conservation District’s first-ever Virtual Field Day! To make our educational offerings more accessible and convenient, we decided to film field talks at the North Plains Water Conservation Center in July, 2019. We invite you to kick back and relax on your couch, watch from your office computer, or simply listen to the audio while driving between your farms. To autoplay all videos, visit the YouTube playlist page and click Play All.

If you have any questions about the demonstrations or progress of the fields, please contact Nich Kenny, the agricultural consultant for North Plains GCD. He can be reached via e-mail at or by phone at 480-980-3592. For questions specific to the RACE Trial or cover crop study, contact Dr. Jourdan Bell at or call 806-677-5663. 

Introduction to Virtual Field Day

Comparison of Corn in SDI and Pivot Irrigation

SDI Corn Population Demonstration

Weed Control in Pivot Corn

Best Management for Subsurface Drip Irrigation Corn

Managing Corn & Cotton Rotation

Managing Volunteer Corn in Cotton

Cotton RACE Trial Development

Cotton Population

Soil Moisture Monitoring

Corn Fertility