Drilling & Well Operation FAQS

Q: May I drill a well or test hole before my permit is approved by the North Plains Groundwater Conservation District?

A: No. Drilling without an approved permit is Class One violation of NPGCD rules which can result in fines up to $10,000 per day per violation.

Q: Are my well permit fees or test hole permit fees refundable?

A: No, unfortunately well and test hole permit fees are nonrefundable.

Q: My brother and I each own an undivided interest in the groundwater rights of our property. He is out of town, but since I own an interest can I sign for him to obtain a permit or other documentation?

A: That depends. You can only sign for your brother if an Agent Authorization Form is on file with the NPGCD allowing you to do so. Otherwise, the answer is no. Your brother will be required to sign for the document as well.

Q: My neighbor and I joined our contiguous acreage and created a Groundwater Production Unit, but I farm the land. I would like to drill a test hole. Does my neighbor have to sign the permit?

A: Yes. If you intend to drill on your neighbor’s property, they will have to sign or file an Agent Authorization Form with the NPGCD allowing you to sign for them.