Water Quality in the North Plains

While the North Plains Groundwater Conservation District is extremely involved in protecting water quantity, poor quality water is no longer suitable for many uses and therefore, wasted. That is why the district has also made water quality a focus through its in-house water quality program. If you ever have a concern about the quality of your well water, please call us at 806-935-6401 or e-mail info@northplainsgcd.org and we’ll send someone out to test it, free of charge.

Although samples are taken throughout the district on an annual basis for water quality testing, local laboratories don’t provide the level of precision desired by the district’s management and board. Consequently, the district has contracted with the United States Geological Survey (USGS) to get a comprehensive, highly accurate picture of the chemical and physical properties of the water in the aquifer. Click here to view the most recent water quality report from the USGS.

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