What the NPGCD Does

Identifying future concerns and finding solutions related to water resources before they become problems

The District issues water well permits, collects groundwater information, performs water quality analyses and provides a number of well system tests and other services. Extensive databases are used to store, retrieve, and analyze groundwater information for the District.

The purpose of the North Plains Groundwater Conservation District is achieved through rules, educational programs, District-provided services, and through the cooperation of local, state, and federal agencies.

Throughout the history of the North Plains Groundwater Conservation District, the board of directors and staff have been committed to identifying future concerns and finding solutions before they become problems. The District continues to be aware of regulations of other local, state, and federal agencies which affect groundwater use or groundwater management. The District acts as a liaison between these agencies and the residents of the District. It is the goal of the District to provide the best management of groundwater resources and make every effort to insure that an abundant supply of potable water will be available for future generations.

 If you are interested in learning more please contact our office at 806-935-6401 or e-mail us at info@northplainsgcd.org