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Groundwater Production Reports Due March 1st

Media Contact: Julia Stanford, or 806-935-6401

It’s that time of year again – time for groundwater production reporting! It’s important to report your groundwater use, […]

Educators Learn New Ways to Teach Conservation

North Plains Groundwater Conservation District’s new Tips & Sips education series has some area teachers taking on the role of student to learn some water […]

Save Time & Stay in Compliance with Cutoff Valves

Farmers everywhere use low pressure drains (LPDs) as an important part of their irrigation wells. As widespread as LPDs are, however, they have one major […]

Education Program Offerings

The district is happy to offer 3 types of educational presentations this year to students within North Plains GCD boundaries:

Soil Sleuth Lab (Grades 3-8) Learn […]

District Recognizes First Xeric Zone

In August North Plains GCD launched a recognition program for local gardeners and homeowners that work to save water while maintaining a beautiful landscape. We […]

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