Educators Learn New Ways to Teach Conservation

North Plains Groundwater Conservation District’s new Tips & Sips education series has some area teachers taking on the role of student to learn some water […]

Education Program Offerings

The district is happy to offer 3 types of educational presentations this year to students within North Plains GCD boundaries:

Soil Sleuth Lab (Grades 3-8) Learn […]

District Recognizes First Xeric Zone

In August North Plains GCD launched a recognition program for local gardeners and homeowners that work to save water while maintaining a beautiful landscape. We […]

Importance of Playa Lakes

In the first installment of this two-part series on playa lakes, North Plains GCD Program Coordinator, Odell Ward, introduced the idea of playas as ephemeral […]

Corn Population Demonstrations at WCC

Nicholas Kenny, PE
There are probably 30,000 opinions on the topic of corn plant population; one for each seed dropped between 15K and 45K seeds per […]

Time to Submit 2018 Production Reports

It’s that time of year again – time for groundwater production reporting! It’s
important to report your groundwater use, not only to stay in compliance
with district […]

District’s WaterWise Program Saves Millions of Gallons

Contact: Kirk Welch, 806-935-6401 or
This year’s fifth grade Water Wise Conservation Education Program is projected to save almost 25 million gallons of water over […]

Chris Hanes Joins NPGCD Staff

With decades of irrigated farming experience, Chris Hanes was already familiar with most of the tasks of a North Plains GCD Natural Resource Specialist such […]