2023 Production Reports are Available!

The online Production Portal is now available to production report recipients for them to access their annual reports. The new online access gives report recipients the ability to fill out their report(s) online and send it directly to the district. It also allows report recipients the option to download the blank production report(s) to pdf files, fill out and send by email or mail just as they have always done. A computer will be set up in the district office and available for any producer who needs staff assistance accessing their reports whether it be download or fill them out online.

Note: Report recipients must have an updated cell phone number and email address on file with the district before accessing reports. The email address will ensure report recipients receive status updates of the production reports after they submit them.

To access the portal log in to the web browser on a computer or iPad here or through our website the link is located on the front page. Once the user clicks the link they will be prompted to sign in with their phone number the district has on file. then, a text message will be sent with an access code used to log in. This is why having the correct cell phone number on file is so important.

A step by step instructional video is available here. If you need any assistance or have questions the video does not answer for you, do not hesitate to reach out to one of the administration staff at (806) 935-6401 or email your question(s) to productionreporting@northplainsgcd.org

For those production report recipients who choose to download a blank report to fill out and send it, email the completed report to productionreporting@northplainsgcd.org or mail it to:

North Plains Groundwater Conservation District (NPGCD)
PO Box 795
Dumas TX 79029