Officers of NPGCD Board Appointed, Zimmer Wins Re-Election

The district board of directors has a new, but very experienced, leadership team, as new officers were sworn in at the December board meeting.

Harold Grall, President

Harold Grall, board director for Moore County since 2008 and previous vice president, will now serve as the president of the board. He Farms over 7,000 acres of mostly irrigated land in Moore and Sherman Counties of the Texas Panhandle. Grall is an innovator and early adopter of a variety of irrigation efficiency technologies and crop production strategies including Low Elevation Spray Application (LESA), Low Energy Precision Application (LEPA), Precision Mobile Drip Irrigation (PMDI), minimum tillage practices and crop residue management.

Danny Krienke, Vice President

Danny Krienke, director for Ochiltree County since 2000 and outgoing secretary, is the new vice president. Krienke, a former NPGCD board president as well, has been involved in Panhandle water issues for over 39 years. He’s spent 39 years as a farmer, using both irrigated and dry land techniques. Krienke also serves as a member of Texas Regional Water Planning Group A and is a past Chairman of Groundwater Management Area (GMA) 1.

Bob Zimmer, Board Secretary

Bob Zimmer, director for Hutchinson and Hansford Counties since 2004, was elected by the board to be the new secretary. Zimmer was re-elected as director for Hutchinson and Hansford Counties in November. He has served as board director since 2004 and is beginning his fourth term. From 2014-2016 Zimmer served his third term as president. Zimmer currently serves as Chairman of the Groundwater Management Area 1 Joint Planning Committee, since being selected in 2014. He has used some of the highest efficiency irrigation systems in his own irrigated operations, and was one of the first to use dual fuel technology in irrigation engines for energy efficiency.


The officers will serve in their respective positions for two years.