Replacing and Updating Telemetry Equipment Across the District

In order to better understand aquifer conditions within NPGCD, the district utilizes a network of 65 wells (the red dots pictured below) strictly used for monitoring water quality and decline. These wells are equipped with remote monitoring systems that send live data daily via a cellular network, otherwise known as telemetry, to a database where we can analyze and monitor changes within the aquifer.

NPGCD has most recently purchased and plans to deploy sensors from a company called Onset HOBO. They are capable of not only monitoring groundwater but also environmental factors at the surface including precipitation, wind speed and direction, solar radiation, temperature, soil moisture, and more. In the past, the district only monitored depth to water (DTW) and water temperature in wells. With this new equipment we will not only be able to continue monitoring this information, but will add the environmental sensors listed above. Currently the district has plans to install rain gauges at monitor wells as we update and replace old monitoring equipment, and in the future install other pertinent sensors. All this information will not only be sent to a database, but will be accessible on the district’s newly designed interactive map (a BETA version in now available to the public).

The district is planning on replacing and upgrading old equipment in phases and should be completed in the next 3-5 years.

BETA Test the new interactive map here! *note the map is still in it’s testing phase!