Hydrologic Report

North Plains GCD completes hydrology reports on an annual basis.

The North Plains Groundwater Conservation District has completed a general information hydrologic report on the District’s regional hydrology and groundwater resources. The report is available each summer for the preceding calendar year.

The report contains maps showing the District boundaries, estimated depth to water, estimated average yearly water level declines, estimated aquifer saturated thickness and maps showing District monitor well locations. The report summarizes the number of active and inactive wells, the number of new wells drilled, annual groundwater production, and general water quality.

Copies of the atlas can be obtained free of charge at the District office at 603 East 1st Street in Dumas.

Download the 2023 Hydrologic Report

Please allow time for the document to download. It is very graphic intensive and may take several minutes to download.

Do you have questions? Our staff members here at the District would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. For more information, please call our office at 806-935-6401.